Partnership programs

Interested in finding a partner or becoming a partner? Maximize your investments by discovering Trimble Partner products, services and solutions.

What is the Trimble Partner Program?

In short, it’s your opportunity to grow and scale your business. Partner with a team of experts who are passionate about business and your success. Our team will show you how to bundle your services with Trimble, provide an end-to-end solution, sell more effectively, and generate recurring revenue and scalability for your business.


Referral Business Partner

Trimble Business Partners are established with organisations who do not wish to implement its Manhattan IWMS and CAFM solutions but want to have a business relationship with Trimble to provide a variety of value-add services. Trimble Business Partners will have a referral agreement in place for lead sharing and ongoing business development.

Implementation Partner

Trimble Implementation Partners are the most common type of partnership for Trimble. Partners are trained to implement the system and receive the same level of training as a Trimble RE&WS Professional Services Employee. Partners will usually have a referral agreement in place for lead sharing and on-going business development.


Trimble Resellers are full-service organisations that have the ability to sell, implement, and support our full product line. Resellers are trained to demonstrate, qualify, sell, implement and support Trimble products and services. Resellers receive margin for all products and services they sell. A reseller must meet the minimum requirements for training and certification to maintain their status as a member of the Trimble RE&WS partner community.