Whether you are looking to manage a single building or a portfolio of buildings, our feature-rich, scalable products will support all of your operational and strategic real estate, workplace and facility management requirements.


One Complete Solution for Transforming Real Estate Management and Decision-Making

ManhattanONE is an all-in-one complete software solution designed to provide greater control and visibility of a customer’s real estate portfolio and financials. Built for the cloud, ManhattanOne simplifies procurement and offers seamless access to our real estate software, with all current features and latest system developments included as standard.

ManhattanONE delivers a modern, scalable solution to manage your real estate lifecycle - from comprehensive financial management capabilities, including accounting, lease and FASB/IASB compliance; to space, room booking, projects,
maintenance and sustainability.

Customers can leverage all components and functionality without the need to buy any other modules. With all the functionality available in one complete package, customers can now more easily unlock the potential of their real estate management and decision making.

CenterStone CAFM

Manage the Complete Lifecycle of Workplace Building Processes



CenterStone is a feature-rich CAFM solution specifically designed to help organizations streamline the tactical work of managing the complete lifecycle of workplace building processes, including space, moves, assets, work orders and operations. CenterStone is perfect for organizations of all sizes and can be tailored for companies looking to manage a single building, to those with millions of square feet that require an enterprise-wide facility management solution

Space Scheduling 

Optimize Meeting Room and Workplace Experiences



Trimble offers a feature-rich, room and desk booking solution that has been used by leading blue chip organizations, law firms and financial institutions all over the world for over 20 years. Trimble’s Space Scheduling optimizes meeting room and workplace experiences with a fully featured cloud-based software solution that encompasses the reservation, utilization and management of all conference rooms, workspaces and associated client services. Space Scheduling is an evolution from the technology of Datacraft Hospitality Suite, which has been the pre-eminent room booking system in the market since 1994.

Trimble Basis 

Understanding Actual Utilization



Integrated with Trimble’s Space Management and Space Booking platforms, Trimble Basis leverages the work companies have already done to create accurate digital floorplans of their real estate portfolio. Basis scales to real estate portfolios of any size, whether two floors or two thousand. Stop guessing about utilization rates. Finally, there’s a way to understand actual utilization of specific buildings and your entire portfolio